1. How much is spent in a Self Carwash on average?
  2. Is washing a car on the street prohibited in the Netherlands?
  3. What environmental regulations does a Self Carwash need to comply with?
  4. What are the environmental categories for the ‘permit application’ and ‘car wash’?
  5. What does a water softener have to do with spot-free rinsing?
  6. Can I pour pure cleaning agents straight from the packaging into the Self Carwash?
  7. Is it useful to install a separate water meter for the Self Carwash?
  8. Do I need to make arrangements for the prevention of Legionnaires disease in my Self Carwash?
  9. Am I allowed to pump groundwater and use it in my Self Carwash?
  10. Is it possible to connect my Carwash to the cash registers at my petrol station?
  11. Can I use glass for the partition walls in my Self Carwash?
  12. Can a Self Carwash be connected to a water recycling system?
  13. Can a Chip Card system (of national banks) be connected to a Self Carwash?
  14. Does the technical equipment need to be placed in a separate control room, or can it also be placed in the wash area?