12. Can a Self Carwash be connected to a water recycling system?

In principle, you are free to connect an installation to any type of water. Water quality that complies with the Dutch drinking water policy can be tested and is consistent in quality. All other water qualities are inconsistent, and can therefore more quickly lead to (temporary) problems in pipes/valves and pumps. Savona can therefore only guarantee an installation connected to a water supply that complies with the above mentioned quality norms. Technological development of water recycling installations is constantly changing; enquire with us or your recycling equipment supplier regarding experiences and possibilities.
However, we would like to add that of all the programs available on the Self Car Wash, only a few would be suitable for use with recycled water. Programs such as Hot Wax and Spot Free Rinsing require a better quality (standardized) water supply to work correctly. If you have a central-heating boiler as a warm water supply, the use of recycled water is generally not recommended. After all, water of a “dirtier” quality is heated to a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees, and afterwards mixed back to the washing temperature of 55-60 degrees Celsius.

Experience has shown that this can cause stubborn sedimentary deposits and pollution in the boiler/pipes/valves and pumps.

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