5. What does a water softener have to do with spot-free rinsing?

Nothing at all. It is the reverse osmosis installation that filters out all salt and mineral contaminates using very fine membrane filtration.
Water softeners only remove calcium and magnesium salts from the water by means of so-called ion exchange technology. The water softener is made out of a synthetic bottle filled with wax, a control unit and a salt tub. The size of the water softener is dependant on how “hard” the water is locally and the 24 hour water usage. These installations are available in a compact version and a Duo Bloc system. If continuous water quality is required 24 hours per day, a so-called Duplex System is available (= double wax bottle). Savona can also provide water softening for rollover units or wash tunnels. We are happy to provide you with the relevant information for a custom quote.

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