To expand on the conventional payment system using Euro coins or wash tokens, Savona has been supplying a very reliable payment system since the early 1990s. This system requires no contact, but instead uses Radio Frequency chip technology (called RF-ID technology).PROD. Betaalsysteem foto

Your customer buys a pre-paid ChipKey at your reception/cash register in advance (in the shape of a card or key ring). The credit, or credit points, can be spent with the ChipKey at any location where your ChipKey readers are placed.
You can decide on the customer benefit of using the ChipKey, for example, direct or indirect discounts. All equipment, including your coffee and snack machines, can be fitted with the reader. PROD. betaalsysteem oplaadterminal

To make it easy for clients and yourself, you can build a combined dispenser/recharge terminal into a wall. This allows you to provide 24-hour customer service!

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