Savona’s high pressure pre-wash units are increasingly seen at the entry of an automatic rollover wash unit. This enables the customer, after inserting coins, to attain a better clean than with a conventional low pressure humidifier.

The unit can be fitted with a robust stainless steel pole, or attached to the building using a swivel arm. There are also designs available with Rim and Insect cleaning programs. The technical equipment, including the Automatic Mixing System, is positioned in a central control room. Frost protection is an option.

A unit with a complete fit-out has low pressure pumps (insect and rim cleaning) and a high pressure pump unit that includes the well-known CAT pump with a work pressure of 90 bar and standard 7ltrs/min. This design can be placed in the wall or floor.
The Automatic Mixing System (AMS) is unique. This ensures appropriate premixing of the highly concentrated cleaning agent. It is finished with a stainless steel drip-tray and can be placed against any wall to save space.

Separate swivel arms are also available in various designs and can be attached to the outer wall, accompanied by a separate stainless steel money box for coin insertion.
The unbreakable lance is also available. This is merely an example of products available that are vandalism proof. In the same manner, the high pressure hoses are fitted with a double steel inlay.

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